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We understand diagnostics

At Motorvation we invest heavily in equipment, training and technical data so that we can provide an efficient fault finding service saving you money and inconvenience. We are proud to say that many of our diagnostics customers are referred to us by other garages. Unfortunately, sometimes they come to us because no one else can seem to find a fix (often after wasting huge amounts of money on unnecessary items).

No matter what kind of fault you have, our logical test routines will lead us to the root of your fault as quickly as possible. This ensures that you always get the very best value for your money.

You can rely on us to never spend your money without your prior approval. We will always provide an estimate and ask for your permission before we carry out any tests or repair work. We have a very simple mantra at Motorvation - we ALWAYS treat people in a way that we would like to be treated!

We like to think that we don't just understand diagnostics, we understand you.

Engine management light diagnosis

Petrol Engine Management Diagnosis

Our advanced skills and test routines can make light work of any engine fault diagnosis, be it electronic or mechanical.

Diesel Engine management light diagnosis

Diesel Engine Managment Diagnosis

We have the knowledge and equipment to test everything on your diesel engine management system from the fuel tank to the injector.

Diesel Particulate Filter Diagnosis

Diesel Particulate Filter Diagnosis

DPF diagnostics, DPF cleaning & DPF advice. The only thing we DON'T do is DPF removal!

ABS, ESP & Traction Control Diagnosis

ABS & ESP Diagnosis

Our deep knowledge of ABS, ESP and traction control systems will have you stopping safely in no time

Air Bag & SRS Diagnosis

Air Bag & SRS system Diagnosis

Don't take chances with safety, lets us take care of your air bag and safety restraint sytem fault finding and repair.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Diagnosis

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Diagnosis

TPMS diagnostics, TPMS sensors and valve replacement are no problem to us. We can have your system back up and running in no time!

Diagnostics Pricing

Cost is always an important concern when faults show up, let's face it they are always an unplanned expense. Whilst no one can tell you how much a diagnosis will cost before it's diagnosed, we will work with you to keep the costs at a minimum. Diagnostics start at just £42 including VAT for the fisrt 45 minutes. If your not sure if we can help, why not take advantage of our 15 minutes of FREE diagnosis? Just call us on 01386 765168 and we'll do the rest.

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Every Day's a School Day

We make no secret of the fact that we're big on training. A deep understanding of all the various electronic / fuel injection / mechanical systems found on vehicles helps massively with diagnosis. The extensive training program offered by Bosch has enabled us to gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding in these areas.

At Motorvation we don't just receive training, we provide it. Each year we carry out numerous automotive technical training courses on behalf of Bosch all across the UK. We have been providing technical training services to Bosch since 2007. We are very proud to continually support Bosch in this way.