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No Hidden Nasties

All of our tyres prices are for new tyres (we don't fit part worns or remould tyres) & include the tyre, valve, tyre fitting, old tyre disposal, wheel balancing and VAT! We're up front about our charges because no one likes nasty surprises.

'Torquing' of nasty surprises....We torque all wheel nuts to the manufacturer's specified tightness - so that if you should ever get a puncture on the side of the road you can still get your wheel bolts undone.

Can we handle it?

From a puncture repair to a full set of tyres , all of your tyre needs can be efficiently taken care of by Motorvation. We provide a complete service including tyre pressure monitoring repairs, wheel alignment/tracking, tyre balancing, bead sealing etc.

We supply & fit all types of car, van and 4x4 tyres - even run flats. Our specialist tyre machinery can handle very low profile tyres up to 21" in diameter with ease.

We can supply most makes of tyre including Michelin, Pirelli, Fulda, Goodyear etc. We can also supply a complete range of budget tyres for those that don't do so many miles.

No matter what your tyre requirements might be, we can help. Just give us a call on 01386 765168 we'll help match your tyres to your needs and budget.

If you would like some friendly tyre advice then please give us a call!

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It costs nothing to ask so please follow the three simple steps to great tyre prices.

There's no obligation, nothing to pay until your tyres are fitted and we won't share your details with anyone else - and that's a promise!

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Wheel Alignment Excellence

Fitting nice new tyres is one thing, getting the most from them in terms of lifespan and fuel economy is another. Tyre pressures and wheel alignment are two of the most common causes of premature tyre wear

At Motorvation we specialise in 4 wheel alignment using extremely accurate computerised equipment. If you have persistent tyre wear, your car pulls to one side or if your vehicle feels less stable on the road than it used to then please give us a call. Why waste money just having your tracking checked when we can do full alignment for not much more? Full four wheel alignment checks start at £45 including VAT. Due to the sheer number of adjustments that we can make if required (front and rear toe / tracking, camber, caster etc), we charge for adjustments seperately as required. We also provide you with a before and after print-out of your alignment values.

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No Part Worns, No Remoulds, Just Tyres You Can Trust

We only fit new tyres at Motorvation - it's a safety thing. The only thing keeping you and your car on the road are the four small contact patches between your tyres and the road surface. It's simply not worth the risk to fit tyres that you don't know the history of. Why buy a potentially unsafe tyre with approx 3mm of tread when you can have a brand new one with 8mm of tread for usually just a few pounds more?

For more tyre advice just give our friendly team a call on 01386 765168.