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Car MOTs

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Car MOTs, What Gets Tested?


The MOT tester will check the operation of headlamps, indicator & hazard lights, side lamps (position lamps), stop lamps (including high level brake light as long it is clearly conected!), number plate lights and fog lights (primarily the drivers side rear but also front fog lights on new vehicles). They all need to illuminte when switched on, go out when switched off and be securely fitted. They also need to be the correct colour. Indicator and fog light tell tale lights also need to illuminate.

Headlamp aim is also checked to make sure that they are not dazzling to other road users

Lighting faults are one of the main causes of MOT failure but don't worry, at Motorvation, headlamp aim adjustments & bulb fitting are normally free.

Steat Belts, Seats & Airbags

Seats have to be secure in an upright position. Primarily, seat belts need to be present where applicable, have no cuts or rips, be able to be fastened in and un-done under tension. The Airbag warning light has to go out too!

Number Plates & Chassis Numbers

Number plates (registration plates) & VIN (Vehicle Identification Number or Chssis Number) have to be present secure and legible. Number plate letters have to be the correct font, correctly spaced and on a plain white or yellow backgroung (or blak background if it's pre 1972!).

Braking Components & Brake Fluid

The MOT covers many aspects of your braking system including brake discs & pads, brake pipes & hoses, brake fluid, brake servo, antilock braking system (ABS), parking brake and even the brake pedal rubber. Checks include corrosion, wear, security and correct operation.

Wheels & Tyres

Tyres are critical to road safety and not surprisingly they're part of the MOT test. Tyres are checked for tread depth, size, bulges, incorrect fitment and cuts that expose the structural 'cords' of the tyre. Funnily enough a nail in the tyre is not necessarily a reason for failure.

Wheels are checked for excessive dents, buckles, cracks and security.

Suspension & Steering Components

Your MOT test will include checks on all of the steering and suspension components. Steering & suspension arms, joints, bushes, covers, etc all inspected for wear, security corrosion etc.

Body & Structure

The MOT assesses body corrosion with 'prescribed areas', usually within 30cm of an important component mounting (eg suspension mounts, seat belt mounting points etc).

Warning Lights

Since the 2018 MOT scheme update, extra warning lights are now covered by the MOT. These include ABS, Air Bag, Check Engine light, Fog and hazard light tell-tales as well as brake pad warnig systems on some vehicles. Not all lights are required on all vehicles, it all depends on construction date and fitted items. Call us on 01386 765168 for advice.

Drivers View

MOT checks relating to drivers view include windscreen, wipers & washers (front only), rear view mirrors, objects in the drivers line of sight and even sun visors.

Exhaust System & Emissions

The exhaust is checked for security, noise & excessive holes. If the vehicle was built with a Cat or Diesel Particulate Filter, then these need to present & working. The emissions test will check for hight levels of visible & noxious emissions

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