If we could tell you a way to vastly reduce the risk of paying for unnecessary work, would you be interested?

We hoped you would be - we're all about saving you money, grief and hassle over vehicle repairs.

Firstly, If the price looks too good to be true - it probably is!

You'll often see MOT's and services offered at bargain basement prices and because none of us like spending money on car repairs, it's super easy to fall for it.

The thing is, after over 20 years running a garage, we know what it costs to do the job properley & you can't do a proper MOT for £15 pounds.

We're not saying 'Don't take the offer'

If you see a bargain MOT or service, go for it. Make sure you know what you're getting for your money in terms of the items checked or the quality of parts used but if it all stacks up, do it - it's their loss!

But what we ARE saying is...

If you get report back saying that your vehicle requires extra work or has failed on this or that, don't agree to repairs until you've had a second opinion.

If there's nothing to hide they won't mind someone else taking a look - right?

Secondly (And this is the less obvious one)

Many garages pay their workshop staff either a bonus for productivity or a commission based on the additional work they sell.

Now, I may well be a cynic but I can't see how that ends well for you the customer.

We believe that this can lead to poor workmanship and the mis-selling of unneccessary work.

Would you know if your usual garage operates this way? If you're not sure, just ask them.

Motorvation doesn't do bonus schemes

We're a garage that is bulit on trust. We invest in our staff and equipment, we do what needs doing when it needs doing & we make sure we do it well.

We treat every vehicle as if it was our vehicle & if we wouldn't replace something on our car, we won't replace it on yours.

It's a simple ethic but one that's helped us to help our customers for over 23 years.

We will never incentivise our staff with productivity or sales related bonus schemes & risk putting our reputation (or your savings!) in jeopardy.

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