Car & Van Air Con Repairs

AC faults fixed properly.

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Picture of a technician carrying out an aircon repair on a vehicle.

Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Condenser Replacement
  • AC Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • AC Compressor Repair & Replacement
  • All repairs fully guaranteed!

AC Repairs You Can Rely On

Trust our technicians to repair your air conditioning system and have you nice and cool in no time!

From a leaking hose to a new compressor no repair is too big or small for our team.

Contact us today for an estimate and your AC system will soon be returned to full working order.

You can call us on 01386 765168 or simply fill in the estimate request form.

Condenser Replacement

The condenser is a substantial component located behind the front grill. It condenses hot refrigerant into cooler, liquid refrigerant that can then get on with the task of cooling the air inside the vehicle.

Due to it's location in the front of the vehicle, it can be susceptible to stone, wind and weather damage & is a common issue for car & van air con systems.

We only supply & fit high quality replacement condensers with a minimum of 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Compressor Repair & Replacement

The compressor is the pump that circulates refrigerant around the air con system. As one of the only moving parts in the AC system it is susceptible to wear and tear.

Internal faults will normally require replacement of the compressor but some compressor drive pulley faults and control valve faults can be repaired.

If you have any strange noises, rattles or grinding noise when your AC system is running then we suggest switching off the air con system and getting it checked as soon as possible.

Call us today on 01386 765168 to book a check-up.

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