Air Con Cleaning in Evesham

Vehicle AC Disinfection & Deoderisation.

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AC Treatments

  • Alleviate Sore Eyes
  • Remove Smells
  • Neutralise Bacteria & Viruses

Air Con Cleaning

If your car smells worse than a teenagers trainers then it may need some disinfection. (The car that is, not the teenager).

Depending on the severity of your problem we have the treatment to suit.

From a mild deodorise with an anti-bacterial air freshener to a full anti-bac / anti-viral treatment using Ozone, we have the right solution for you.

For more advice or to book an appointment, please call 01386 765168.

'Bomb'Type Odor Treatment:

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Hella Airsept Treatment From:

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Ozone Treatment From:

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Pollen Filters

Pollen filters filter the air coming into your vehicle, most AC systems have one. Most manufacturers specify a one/two year replacement interval.

We normally recommend changing your pollen filter when you have your vehicle serviced and remember there are two main types of filter available. Standard type pollen filters remove dust and pollen from the air but 'Activated Charcoal' type pollen filters can also help neutralise odors from outside of the vehicle.

What is Ozone treatment?

Ozone is a extremely effective disinfectant against bacteria and viruses. The downside is that it can also be damaging to humans and some rubbers, textiles and plastics if used in the wrong way or too regularly. At Motorvation we use ozone for deep purifying the vehicle interior but it does require a little work to get the most from it. If you feel that Ozone treatment is right for your vehicle then please get in touch

What Else do you Offer?

For us the best system we have found for treating infections that grow within the air conditioning system is Hella Airsept. It takes a little while to do as some stripping of the heater is normally required but it seems effective and from experience the results are long lasting.

We also have a range of 'bomb' style disinfectants that can be effective when the smells haven't got too strong.

Why Do AC systems need disinfecting?

One of the functions of AC is to remove moisture from the air - dry air makes us humans feel more comfortable. The moisture removed can linger in the heater/air con system and can become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Using your AC regularly and staying on top of pollen filter changes can help in preventing the build up of bacteria but sometimes treatment is required.

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