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Get A Free Air Con Diagnosis?

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If your air con has suddenly stopped working and you're not sure where to start, don't worry. Why not pop in for 15 minutes of free diagnosis.

One of our technicians will check your AC sytem and give you some sensible advice and expected costs - All completely free & with no obligation to continue.

Click the add button to create a job list. Once your joblist is submitted we will arrange a convenient time with you and then take care of everything else.

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Aircon Regas

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Rely on us to re gas your air conditioning properly and you won't pay for refrigerant you haven't had.

We always carry out a refrigerant identification test before recovering any remaining refrigerant in your vehicle so that you can be sure that what is put back into your car, van or pickup's AC system is pure R134a or HFO1234YF (depending on your system).

Once recovery is complete we apply a vacuum to your AC system for at least 30 mins to remove any moisture from the system.

Next we add the correct type and amounts of oil & refrigerant. To help detect any future leaks quickly, we also add UV dye to every aircon system we refill - FOR FREE!

Finally we carry out performance testing & some final leak tests.

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1234YF Regassing

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If you are looking for a sensible price for regassing the latest 1234YF air conditioning systems then please get in touch. We have all the necessary skills and equipment to service and repair your air con system.

If you're not sure if your vehicle is fitted with the new R1234YF refrigerant then don't worry, we can find this information for you.

R1234YF (also referred to as HFO1234YF) is a new refrigerant gas that has much less environmental impact than the old R134a refrigerant. It was intended to be fitted to all new vehicles designed and constructed after 2011 but the dates ended up being set back due to a shortage of available gas. Usage of the new gas by the vehicle manufacturers is steadily increasing. This is driven mainly by legislation stating that all new vehicles from January 2017 have to use the new gas.

Vehicles supplied with R134a from new are not required to be upgraded to the new R1234YF gas and vehicles supplied with R1234YF refrigerant cannot be converted back to R134a.

It's more important than ever to choose a knowledgeable, conscientious garage to look after these new systems as it can be very costly to regas these systems especially if they've been contaminated with other refrigerants.

At Motorvation we use an R1234YF refrigerant machine with a built in identifier to prevent contaminated gases being recycled into other vehicles

R1234YF Regas See how much we can save you on a HFO1234YF regas
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Aircon Diagnostics & Leak Testing

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If you have a problem that regassing hasn't fixed, we can help. Our highy skilled techinicians will make light work of aircon fault finding and diagnostics. We even offer the first 15 minutes free!

You shouldn't need to regas your air conditioning more than once every three to four years. If your AC system has a leak we can find it - even if it's tiny. We have many methods of AC leak detection including nitrogen pressure testing, refrigerant leak detectors and Loktrace - an adavnced method of finding even the tinyest of leaks down to less than 1 gram of refrigerant per year! In addition to this we add UV dye in every re-gas that we perform so that if your vehicle's aircon system should develop a future leak, you can rely on us to find it quickly with no fuss.

Aircon Leak Test If your aircon system is leaking, we have the tools and skills to find it quickly
Aircon Diagnosis Add a FREE 15 minute aircon diagnosis to your job list

Aircon Repairs

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Are you looking for a dependable garage to repair or replace parts of your AC system?

No matter what you need, whether it's an air conditioning compressor, condenser, filter drier or pipe replacement/repair, we can help.

We have the skills and equipment to fix your aircon properly, reliably and efficiently.

Get in touch for a free, no obligation estimate and get top quality parts at great value for money prices.

All of our air conditioning repairs carry at least 12 months parts and labour warranty giving you the confidence and trust that you need in both your car and your garage.

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Aircon Servicing

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Every air conditioning system will naturally lose around 10% of it's AC refrigerant gas every year. The more refrigerant that is lost the harder the a/c compressor has to work. This inevitably leads to increased load on the engine and therfore increased fuel consumption. The refrigerant is also responsible for carrying the lubricant around the air con system. Obviously a lack of refrigerant gas = less lubrication = more wear on your air con components.

We can't stop this loss of gas, it just naturally occurs, but we can service and maintain your air conditioning system so that it gives you many years of trouble free cool driving.

We advise a regas about every three years for a system that is regularly used. Air con systems that are used infrequently tend to lose their refrigerant more quickly and so we recommend two years in these cases.

Many companies will recommend changing the filter drier every two/three years as well. WE DON'T. There is no need to change it on a system that is well maintained. The only time we recommend changing the filter drier is when the ac system has been opened to the atmosphere for repair.

Aircon Service Items

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AC Re-gas AC Service 1 AC Service 2
Check refrigerant pressureservice tickservice tick
Check air vent temperatureservice tickservice tick
Check operation of heater and air con controlsservice tickservice tick
Check operation of recirculation flapservice tickservice tick
Check operation of air direction flapsservice tickservice tick
Check A/C compressor drive belt and tensionerservice tickservice tick
Check A/C compressor clutch operationservice tickservice tick
Check security of air conditioning hosesservice tickservice tick
Carry out refrigerant identificationservice tickservice tick
Recover refrigerantservice tickservice tick
Carry out vacuum leak testservice tickservice tick
Add UV dye for future leak testingservice tickservice tick
Add A/C oil as requiredservice tickservice tick
Refill A/C system refrigerantservice tickservice tick
Carry out freon leak testservice tickservice tick
Carry out UV leak testservice tickservice tick
AC Regas Ultraviolet dye is free with every regas!
AC Service 1 Add basic aircon service to your free estimate
AC Service 2 Add a full air conditioning service with pollen filter to your estimate

Does your air conditioning smell worse than a teenagers' trainers?

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Do you suffer from a sore throat or runny eyes when driving?

You may need to disinfect - the air con that is, not the teenager (OK, maybe the teenager as well!).

If you are suffering a musty smell in the cabin of your vehicle it may be due to a build up of bacteria inside your air conditioning system. This is the same effect as the so called "sick building syndrome" and could potentially harbour some nasty bacteria.

The inside of your air conditioning unit happens to be a perfect warm, moist environment for bacteria to grow.

If we are presented with a vehicle that has developed a smell then the first thing we will do is check that the water is draining properly from the air conditioning unit inside you car. (Part of the functionality of air con is that it not only cools the air but also removes moisture from the air entering the cabin). Next we will apply an anti bacterial treatment to the "evaporator" (A device that fits inside the heater unit and cools the air entering your vehicle). There are many differing types of air conditioning anti-bacterial treatment available and we will be more than happy to advise you on the system most suitable for the severity of the problem in hand.

Smelly Add a basic antibacterial treatment to your estimate
Really Smelly Combine an AC service 2 with a basic antibacterial treatment and save £15
Absolutely Honking For strong odors try our advaced anti bacterial treatment
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Our Techicians are fully qualified

It's an offence to work on a vehicle's air con system without the proper qualifications. All of our AC work is carried out by our highly skilled technicians with the correct and relevant qualifications.

Free UV Dye Image

Free UV dye with every regas

Ultraviolet dye helps to track down future refrigerant leaks super quickly with the minimum of fuss, hassle and expense.

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